• HA is the gel-like substance that lubricates the bones and joints.
  • HA is needed in the extracellular matrix of the skin keeping us young looking.
  • HA is the main component of the fluid of the eye (vitreous humor) which is necessary for  healthy eyes
  • HA is the main component in the structure of the scalp, skin,  lips and gums by  hydrating  the epidermal and dermal layers of each story of the connective tissue.
  • HA, is the ebb and flow of cells and nurishing elements for healthy strong connective tissue (tendons, ligaments, muscle) by being the vehicle for the cycle of waste removal and hydration to these important levels of tissue in the body.
  • HA is vital to healthy cartilage all the way from the heart valves to the cartilage surrounding the ends of joint bones right up the outer layer of our skin that you see in the mirror.
  • HA Compound x10 Supplementation is vital due to the aging body's  inability to produce its own hyaluronic acid.A
  • Studies concluded that hyaluronic acid significantly decreased the secretion of bone degradation markers into the urine in patients with osteoarthritis. This means when you take our product, HACompoundX10, you will have less bone loss putting your arthritis on the mend.  

  • Benefits: Studies have shown more benefits with the higher molecular weight hyaluronic acid. Our product has the perfect molecular weight of 1,3MDa. This means our product is extremely effective and can produce results sometimes minutes after your first dosage.

  • It is safe, effective, easy to take, with no side effects! HACompoundX10 is tasteless and odorless and as easy as drinking a glass of water! Hyaluronic Acid is an Arthritis Treatment that replaces the Synovial Fluid in the Joint.

  • "HACompoundX10" the Purest form of liquid hyaluronic acid you can buy - no additives - no preservatives; it is science's latest discovery; it treats arthritis  and many more "connective tissue damaged" problems. The bonus here: It rejuvenates your skin to make you look younger too.

  • FDA and OTC approved, you cannot overdose on this tasteless and odorless perfect product!

  • Hyaluronic acid acts like the synovial fluid in the joint that cushions movement preventing pain. As we age, this fluid diminishes causing arthritis pain in those areas. Every part of our body where connective tissue or muscle is found therein lies synovial fluid or hyaluronic acid. When we take HAcompoundX10 we are effectively replenishing lost synovial fluid. Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis, Eczema, Trigger Thumb, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Tarsal Tunnel syndrome, Bell's Palsey, Tennis Elbow, Fibromayalgia, Nighttime Leg Pain, Restless Leg, Sagging Skin, Pinched Nerves and anything associated with connective tissue damage including wrinkles - can be helped with our Hyaluronic Acid, HACompoundX10.

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Some diagrams shows the problems associated with TRIGGER THUMB or TRIGGER FINGER:

Trigger finger and trigger thumb are conditions affecting the movement of the tendons as they bend the fingers or thumb toward the palm of the hand. This movement is called flexion. Triggering is usually the result of a thickening in the tendon that forms a nodule, or knob. The pulley ligament may thicken as well. The constant irritation from the tendon repeatedly sliding through the pulley causes the tendon to swell in this area and create the nodule. Rheumatoid arthritis, partial tendon lacerations, repeated trauma from pistol-gripped power tools, or long hours grasping a steering wheel can cause triggering. Infection or damage to the synovium causes a rounded swelling (the nodule) to form in the tendon.

What does a trigger finger or thumb feel like?

he symptoms of trigger finger or thumb include pain and a funny clicking sensation when the finger or thumb is bent. Pain usually occurs when the finger or thumb is bent and straightened. Tenderness usually occurs over the area of the nodule--at the bottom of the finger or thumb. The clicking sensation occurs when the nodule moves through the tunnel formed by the pulley ligaments. With the finger straight, the nodule is at the far edge of the surrounding ligament. When the finger is flexed, the nodule passes under the ligament and causes the clicking sensation. If the nodule becomes too large it may pass under the ligament, but becomes stuck at the near edge. The nodule cannot move back through the tunnel, and the finger is locked in the flexed trigger position.

What can be done about it?

Well, the answer is that you can either see a surgeon, have surgery that takes months to heal and cost a fortune which is frankly not guaranteed... OR can take HA Compound X10 supplements to help the body heal itself!